Caprese Tart

  Though I had already spent part of my morning working out at the gym, I looked forward to meeting two of my girlfriends for a walk later in the day.  It had been months since the last time; the longer days means the return of our routine of meeting once or twice a week, […]

Pear, Prosciutto and Truffled Brie Tart

  I bought a few Anjou pears with the intention of recreating a tart I enjoyed (a little too much) in France this past September.  That tart didn’t happen this weekend–I decided to make it my feature recipe for when I finally share the highlights of my Europe trip.  Several weeks have passed since our […]

Pastéis de Nata

Thoughts of my visit to Portugal a few years ago always evoke warm feelings for the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of Lisbon, azure skies and equally blue waters of the Algarve coastline.  Also vivid in my mind are the cork oaks that stood proudly along the country roads.  The tree trunks were in various stages of […]

Banana Turnovers and My New Favorite Pastry Cream

  With Thanksgiving just around the corner my mind is on food more than usual.  For the last 10 years, my husband and I have happily played host during the holiday.  I would be in charge of the turkey, traditional sides and a dessert or two while my family would take care of the rest. […]

Nutella-Orange Marmalade Palmiers

  Some of my fellow food bloggers and I got together this weekend for Sunday brunch in my home.  To say the event was a food fest is an understatement.  Creativity was the unspoken theme as my friends each presented classic buffet dishes with a tasty twist.  There were too many to name but whether […]