Artichoke and Green Chile Stuffed Mushrooms

  When it comes to entertaining or get-togethers I’m always most comfortable being in charge of the appetizer, salad or dessert course.  Main dishes are a little trickier for me, especially when I’m responsible for feeding a crowd.  There are a few dishes that I do well but I get nervous around meat.  Fish, steaks, braised […]

Baked Spelt Empanadas (and Hello Again)

  Where do I begin?  I hadn’t intended to be away so long, you see.   The last time I was here it was January, full of the promises each new year brings.  My husband and I had just returned from spending the holidays in Hawaii–inspired, recharged, renewed. But life has a way of pulling […]

Cheddar & Fennel Seed Crackers

  Life is finally returning to normal after vacation.  The work week came and went, the bills that piled up in the mail have been paid, the jet lag is gone and I’m back in the kitchen.  When I left in late August summer was in full swing but it was fall that greeted me […]

Seared Ahi with Wonton Crisps and Shiitake Mushroom Salsa

  Not too long ago my husband and I were invited to a San Francisco-based wine club’s annual dinner.  Several of our friends are members so we were  fortunate to be invited to this year’s celebration.  While the previous year’s party was held at Chateau Montelena this year’s venue took us back to the root […]

Parmesan-Herb Madeleines

  Do you ever feel at a loss on what to serve when company comes over?  Appetizers are the easiest thing to put together but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what to serve.  I tend to be the most inspired when I’m just cooking for myself and my husband; I suppose it’s […]

Prosciutto, Brie & Jalapeño-Tangerine Jam Crostini

  My diet seems to always go off-kilter after a vacation.  I have a hard time getting back to my normal routine and instead continue to indulge my cravings with little to no regard for balance even after I’ve shaken the travel dust–or in this case the beach sand–off my feet.  Since returning from Mexico […]

Cheese Sablés with Pine Nuts

  What’s your favorite part of the week?  When I was a child I lived for Saturday mornings.  It meant sleeping in past 6:30 am and watching at least an hour (or two) of cartoons and old movies before my parents called my sisters and me to the kitchen for breakfast.  We each had our […]

Rosemary-Parmesan Roasted Chickpeas

  My neck of the woods is abuzz with anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday–loyal fans eager to see their 49ers play (win?) in just a couple of days.  I haven’t followed football much since leaving home in my early 20s but I am every bit a fan (my family would disown me otherwise).  I may […]