Welcome to my humble home on the worldwide web.  I’m a food fanatic who’s always hungry and seriously addicted to buying cookbooks.  I’ve jumped on the blogging bandwagon so that I could finally make a dent on my “Recipes-to-try” list.  My recipes have been inspired by some of my favorite cookbooks, cooking shows and also by the food blog pioneers I’ve followed for years.

Since I live in the San Francisco Bay Area I’m very lucky to be exposed to countless gastronomic delights.  My husband and I also love to travel and getting to know different cultures through their cuisine is as exciting for me as seeing famous monuments.   At home, however, I tend to gravitate towards simple, rustic dishes.  I like classic recipes but can’t help putting my own spin on others.  So this is the kind of food you’ll be seeing in this blog–comfort food, a balance between guilt-free and absolutely sinful!


Readers have asked me what camera I use so here’s the rundown:

March – April 2010:  A trusty point-and-shoot

June 2010 – August 2012: My Sony Alpha 850 with a Sony 50mm lens

Aug 21, 2012 – January 4, 2013:  Sony Alpha 850 with a Sony 24-75mm lens

January 6 – Present:  Nikon D800 with either a Nikon 24-70mm lens or a Nikon 105mm lens

Travel photos are from my compact Sony Nex 5 with an 18-55 mm zoom lens.


If you would like to drop me a note, please send me an email at lemonsandanchovies@gmail.com