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My aim is to share uncomplicated, unfussy recipes with a healthy twist--perfect for everyday and for entertaining. Let's cook!

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Let me take you to some magical places both near and far…and you won't have to pack your bags!

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Home + Garden

This is where I share my love for succulents, home, entertaining and everything in between.

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Instant Pot Vegan Pho (Pho Chay)

Instant Pot Vegan Pho (Pho Chay) This recipe works well on the stovetop but a pressure cooker cuts the time in half. Even meat lovers will enjoy this veggie-loaded pho. When a new restaurant serving pho and banh mi (Vietnamese noodle soup and sandwich, respectively) opened on University ... Read More

Fresh Cranberry Almond Scones

Fresh Cranberry Almond Scones If you've got fresh cranberries still waiting to be used after the holidays, these scones are the tastiest way to use them up. First off, my sincerest apologies for the technical glitch that caused my blog to be down right before Thanksgiving. The cause is ... Read More

Bistek (Filipino Beefsteak)

Bistek (Filipino Beefsteak) Bistek is steak and onions, Filipino style. Even with a short marinating time, the beef is loaded with flavor and the best part? It's super easy to prepare. Last year, when I committed to sharing more Filipino dishes here on the blog I had no idea how ... Read More

Thai Red Curry Fried Rice

Thai Red Curry Fried Rice Thai red curry paste makes for a flavorful base for simple fried rice. Use your favorite protein and herbs and you've got breakfast, lunch or dinner. What's your go-to meal when you find yourself out of time and you have less than 30 minutes to prepare dinner? A ... Read More

An Easier Bolognese Sauce

An Easier Bolognese Sauce This is the pared down version of my classic Bolognese ragú. No fancy ingredients or wine--just meat, soffritto, tomatoes, broth and milk--but the sauce is just as rich and comforting as the original. The spaghetti sauce of my childhood was of the Filipino kind. ... Read More

Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves) Classic meat and rice filled dolmas get a huge boost of flavor with herbs and two ingredients I love. They can also easily be made without meat, too. My husband is nothing if not consistent, particularly when it comes to food. Actually, maybe predictable is ... Read More