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Inspired by Local Flavors

My aim is to share uncomplicated, unfussy recipes with a healthy twist--perfect for everyday and for entertaining. Let's cook!

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Let me take you to some magical places both near and far…and you won't have to pack your bags!

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Home + Garden

This is where I share my love for succulents, home, entertaining and everything in between.

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New on the Blog

Mushroom Pâté

Mushroom Pâté Made with two kinds of mushrooms, walnuts and sage, this pâté is rich, refined, easy to prepare and it's vegan. It will be just the thing to serve on your holiday table that will make both vegetarians and carnivores happy. At around this time two years ago my husband and I ... Read More

How to Care for Echeveria Imbricata (and other Succulents)

How to Care for Echeveria Imbricata (and other Succulents) A happy succulent garden needs four things: soil, water, sun and air. Here's how to manage them. Let's talk succulents. If you've been reading this blog for a while you know how madly and deeply I've fallen for them. The past three ... Read More

Arroz Caldo | Filipino Chicken and Rice Soup

Arroz Caldo | Filipino Chicken + Rice Soup Just like classic chicken soup, arroz caldo is nourishment, comfort and healing in a bowl. It was one week ago today when I brought my husband home from the hospital. His medical procedure required only an overnight stay, thankfully, and I've been ... Read More

Chocolate-Cherry Skillet Banana Bread

Chocolate-Cherry Skillet Banana Bread A classic banana bread never needs tweaking but it doesn't hurt to give it a summer spin with fresh cherries...and chocolate makes everything better.  Unlike other people whose summer season is dictated by the beginning and end of the school year, since ... Read More

Skillet Lemon-Herb Chicken and Rice

Skillet Lemon-Herb Chicken and Rice There's always room in our cooking arsenal for one more one-pot meal. This chicken and rice dish is as flavorful as it is colorful.  I don't know when I became so accident-prone. Little mishaps seem to find me lately...or maybe I should call them missteps. ... Read More

Peach, Grape and Prosciutto Sourdough Focaccia

Peach, Grape and Prosciutto Sourdough Focaccia This sourdough focaccia is loaded with all the best flavors of summer. Salty, sweet and savory you get all the best of a charcuterie and cheese board in one bite. Feel free to use your favorite prepared focaccia from the store and save ... Read More