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My aim is to share uncomplicated, unfussy recipes with a healthy twist--perfect for everyday and for entertaining. Let's cook!

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Let me take you to some magical places both near and far…and you won't have to pack your bags!

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Home + Garden

This is where I share my love for succulents, home, entertaining and everything in between.

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Filipino Fresh Lumpia (Lumpiang Sariwa)

Filipino Fresh Lumpia (Lumpiang Sariwa) My blog is nine years old today and I'm celebrating with Fresh Lumpia. Stir-fried vegetables wrapped in a homemade crepe and topped with a lightly sweet sauce and crushed peanuts. With tips from my mom and my own twists you might not find this recipe ... Read More

Instant Pot Kare-Kare (Filipino Oxtail-Peanut Stew)

Instant Pot Kare-Kare (Filipino Oxtail-Peanut Stew) I can't think of a single Filipino who doesn't like kare-kare. This traditional peanut-based stew is a national favorite and now with the Instant Pot, this dish can be at the table in half the time. It might confuse (or annoy) some to ... Read More

Black Bean Burger with Shiitake Bacon

Black Bean Burger with Shiitake Bacon Black bean burgers are not just for vegetarians. This meatless alternative is a healthier choice but doesn't skimp on flavor and the shiitake "bacon" adds extra umami. If you had told me twenty years ago--heck, even ten--that I'd one day enjoy a ... Read More

Loaded Banana Bread

Loaded Banana Bread Loaded with walnuts, raisins, oats, almond meal and chocolate chips, this is an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink banana bread. Substitute flax meal for the eggs and it's vegan. Even if you already have a favorite banana bread recipe in your arsenal this one is worth giving a ... Read More

Vegetarian Banh Mi Sandwich

Vegetarian Banh Mi Sandwich This is a vegetarian/vegan take on the classic Vietnamese sandwich. Even if you love the meat version like I do, you will be just as happy with this one--the pickled veggies and my homemade mushroom paté are the star. My Sunday morning routine goes something ... Read More

Sourdough Rye English Muffins

Sourdough Rye English Muffins Wondering what to do with your sourdough discard? These English muffins minimize starter waste and they're the easiest bread recipe you'll have in your repertoire. Our 17-year old kitty has taken to demanding breakfast around 5:30 each morning. Without fail, ... Read More