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Inspired by Local Flavors

My aim is to share uncomplicated, unfussy recipes with a healthy twist--perfect for everyday and for entertaining. Let's cook!

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Let me take you to some magical places both near and far…and you won't have to pack your bags!

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Home + Garden

This is where I share my love for succulents, home, entertaining and everything in between.

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New on the Blog

Peach, Grape and Prosciutto Sourdough Focaccia

Sundays in Maui are not much different than the rest of the week. When you're on island time, absent of obligations and deadlines, every day feels like a weekend. My husband and I greet each new day early with a cup of tea in hand (coffee for him) and we're usually out the door for a workout and a ... Read More

Fresh Cherry-Almond Scones

"We need to go more places; we're not doing enough," he said. My husband has made this statement a few times before and I am usually quick to agree with him, being the homebodies that we are. We travel, yes, but when our luggage is on vacation we are home most evenings, dinner done and put away ... Read More

Rosé-Aperol Spritz (and a new L+A)

I'm reclining on a lounger in front of the swimming pool, my feet crossed in front of me, my computer on my lap. A light breeze is blowing and it's a perfect 75ºF, the stuff of California dreams, right? After a year-long construction project next door my neighbors are finally able to enjoy their new ... Read More

Rainbow Chard and Fig Puff Pastry Galette

  Have you ever been so obsessed with an idea that you can't get it out of your head? I'm that nutty person who always thinks she's on the cusp of "the next best thing". Two wildly different business ideas have been cooking in my head for a few months but I haven't done a thing to pursue ... Read More

Pork Chile Verde

I must have stood in front of the rows of peppers at the market for a good five minutes before mustering the nerve to disturb the nice lady shopping next to me to ask her if the pepper in my hand was of the poblano variety. My Google searches revealing multiple aliases for each type of pepper lining ... Read More

Beef Mechado, Filipino Beef Stew

"Tè?!" she asked, not hiding the disapproval in her voice. My husband and I were on the island of Lipari, one of the Aeolian islands above Sicily. It was the height of summer, the warm Mediterranean water was just a few steps away. In the middle of the afternoon I ordered hot tea. Even the ... Read More