Fig Bars

    Nabisco’s Fig Newtons were my introduction to figs.  They were my favorite sweet treat from the grocery store as a child and I could easily eat half the package in one sitting; the other half wouldn’t last long after.  I don’t remember my sisters ever being as fond of them as I was […]

Tortilla Pizza with Figs, Feta, Bacon and Arugula

  I have mentioned a few times during the last few posts that I have been cleaning out my refrigerator.  On weekends when my husband and I don’t feel like going out to dinner odd leftover vegetables and meat make their way into fried rice.  The variations are endless and the results foolproof.  I am […]

Prawn, Pesto, Fig and Feta Sandwich

  I can count on one hand the number of times I will choose a sandwich for dinner (on any given month with few fingers left to spare) over a rice or pasta dish.  I wouldn’t think twice about a turkey, tuna or roast beef sandwich for lunch but for dinner?  I don’t know why […]

Caprese Salad with Fig Balsamic Dressing

  If there is one type of dish that makes me miss not growing tomatoes this year it would be a salad.  A bowl of pasta tossed in a simple tomato-based sauce is a close second, but I can usually come up with easy substitutes like capers, olives or anchovies to add substance to pasta […]

Fresh Fig Galette

  This is the fig galette that I had planned to serve to friends recently.  But time being scarce that day, I made these stuffed figs instead, a tasty answer to my call for a shortcut dessert.  Not having grown up eating fresh figs, I am still discovering all that this ancient fruit has to offer.  Truth […]

Chocolate Mascarpone-Stuffed Fresh Figs

  After being MIA from the kitchen for most of the summer, you can’t blame a girl for having food on her mind in a big way.  I’ve begun to dream about food again.  Cookbooks are once again keeping company with other reading material on my nightstand.  My mind is mostly on new cakes and other […]

Fresh Fig and Olive Oil Cake

  Is anyone out there as happy as I am to see fresh figs at the market?  When I spotted them during my last shopping trip, I quickly grabbed a dozen or so without a recipe in mind.  But this is the beauty of figs–they are so versatile.  They pair well with salty charcuterie as […]