Cherry Almond Coconut Bars

  When I received my assignment for this month’s Blogger C.L.U.E. post I was thrilled–I got Lisa’s blog.  If you’ve been visiting me for some time then you’d know what a dear friend Lisa has become.  We met through another blogging community nearly five years ago and have since built a friendship beyond visiting each […]

Fig Bars

    Nabisco’s Fig Newtons were my introduction to figs.  They were my favorite sweet treat from the grocery store as a child and I could easily eat half the package in one sitting; the other half wouldn’t last long after.  I don’t remember my sisters ever being as fond of them as I was […]

Coconut Lime Bars

  It’s been 48 hours since my return from Los Cabos, Mexico.  I spent a week lounging, reading, watching the waves and (occasionally) drinking a frozen margarita poolside on the south end of Baja California.  Between swimming and reading I took pictures, lots of pictures.  As usual, organizing them is the part that takes time […]

Blueberry Breakfast Bars (No-Bake)

  If you’ve hung around me enough you will know that I’m never without a Clif bar.  In my purse, in the car and when we’re traveling, in my carry-on bag.  It is a habit I’ve picked up as a cyclist or more likely it’s as my husband says…I’m just “always hungry”.  Clif bars are […]

Vanilla Lemon Swirl Bars

  During a quick visit to Anthropologie last week I picked up a cookbook dedicated to vanilla recipes.  Of the two camps, vanilla and chocolate, I have always been loyal to the latter but lately I’ve found myself craving vanilla flavors.  I believe that part of my aversion to vanilla as a child  was because […]

Cranberry Bars with Chocolate Shortbread Crust

  The idea for these cranberry bars with a chocolate crust has been brewing for weeks.  I’m part of a fun group of bloggers brought together by our love of chocolate.   Each month we are challenged to pair chocolate with a special ingredient and this month, of course, it’s cranberries.  When the November theme […]

Apricot-Raspberry Bars

  After five days of being home jet lag’s grip is finally weakening.  I consider it a success to have resisted going to bed at 6 pm but rather, making it until 8 pm and not getting up until 6:30 this morning.  As much as I missed cooking it took the better part of the […]

Walnut Bars and a (Not So) Fairy Tale

  There once was a girl with a food blog.  Her name was Jean and oh, how she loved it so!  Cooking, photographing and writing were pure delight day in and day out.  She often daydreamed about food and was happily preoccupied about expanding her cooking repertoire.  Taste was her favorite of all the senses.  […]