Vanilla Lemon Swirl Bars

  During a quick visit to Anthropologie last week I picked up a cookbook dedicated to vanilla recipes.  Of the two camps, vanilla and chocolate, I have always been loyal to the latter but lately I’ve found myself craving vanilla flavors.  I believe that part of my aversion to vanilla as a child  was because […]

Lemon Cookies (and Snapshots from Maui)

    As promised, here are some pictures of Maui taken from my phone.  My vacation is drawing to a close and I’m trying to eke out as much enjoyment out of each day as I can.  Parting with the fine sand and warm ocean water will be hard and I’ve tried to make the […]

Lemon-Poppy Seed Sugar Cookies

  Let me get this out of the way because I can guess what you might be thinking.  Please don’t judge this book by its proverbial cover.  Though the perimeters of these cookies look darker than they should, their overcooked appearance belies their light, bright flavor.  According to Cook’s Illustrated (CI), they are supposed to […]