Espresso Bourbon Brownies with Toblerone Chunks

  For a household that relies almost exclusively on wine for libation, we have a liquor cabinet that is filled to capacity.  Rum, brandy, vodka, whiskey and a variety of liqueurs–all opened, in varying degrees of almost-full.  What is the shelf life of alcohol anyway?  Opened bottles of wine certainly never last long around here […]

Vanilla Lemon Swirl Bars

  During a quick visit to Anthropologie last week I picked up a cookbook dedicated to vanilla recipes.  Of the two camps, vanilla and chocolate, I have always been loyal to the latter but lately I’ve found myself craving vanilla flavors.  I believe that part of my aversion to vanilla as a child  was because […]

Vanilla-Brownie Ice Cream

  My husband said to me just recently, “You are obsessed with food”. Really? It’s actually no recent revelation on his part.  I must have been going on and on about food…again.  We are currently on a trip; my senses are alight from the sights, smells, sounds but my taste buds are the most lit […]

Truffle Brownies

  In my previous post I mentioned that I baked two desserts for a recent get-together.  Unfortunately, with all the craziness that has surrounded my life lately (mostly good stuff), I failed to note that my second recipe would require more time than I had set aside for it.  My husband falling ill before our trip also […]