Orange-Cardamom Einkorn Madeleines

  For the past four days my husband and I have been fully engaged in the Christmas rush.  We’re still not even nearly done but we’re ticking items off the list, slowly.  The storm couldn’t keep my husband indoors.  I had planned two days of baking and online Christmas shopping while it poured outside, only […]

Grapefruit Upside-Down Cakes with Quince Syrup

  Don’t you find it sometimes curious the seemingly ordinary things that spark inspiration in the kitchen?  I picked up a couple of jars of flavored syrup at the Asian market last week–one was quince syrup and the other, ginger syrup.  I found them in an aisle I don’t normally frequent.  They’re Japanese products marketed […]

Pineapple Tea Cakes

  Spring has sprung! Well, in my kitchen at least–and in some parts of my yard.  I found a small patch of daffodils blooming outside, Mother Nature’s promise that warmer, more colorful days are ahead of us. I certainly don’t mind the rainy season and I enjoyed last week’s playtime in the snow.  However, I’m […]

I’m a Giveaway Winner!

Shortly after announcing my own giveaway here a couple of weeks ago, I found out that I won one myself–I couldn’t believe it. Have a look at Tastespotting’s Scharffen Berger Chocoholic Overdose Giveaway which took place in December.  See all that chocolate? I won it all!