Orange-Cardamom Einkorn Madeleines

  For the past four days my husband and I have been fully engaged in the Christmas rush.  We’re still not even nearly done but we’re ticking items off the list, slowly.  The storm couldn’t keep my husband indoors.  I had planned two days of baking and online Christmas shopping while it poured outside, only […]

Chocolate-Dipped Spiced Pumpkin Madeleines

  Fall can be a confusing time in the Bay Area.  Just when you expect temperatures to drop, they kick up instead, extending summer for a bit longer as if Mother Nature decided to grant us a last hurrah.  This week’s 90°+ days are not uncommon for this time of year, and for a change […]

Honey Mango Madeleines: a Guest Post at a Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis

  I’m very happy to announce that today, I am a guest at one of my favorite blogs, A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis.  Chef Dennis and I started blogging at around the same time but I wouldn’t hesitate to say that in terms of popularity, he has eclipsed me by leaps and bounds.  Why? […]

Chocolate Madeleines

  “I really shouldn’t have any of your black tea–it’s too strong.  It made me feel bad when I had some yesterday.” It was Sunday–we had just returned from lunch and I was taking orders for an afternoon pick-me-up.  I admit that I am partial to strong black tea most of the time but I […]