Sourdough Scones with Coconut and Chocolate

  Are you beginning to see a pattern in some of my recent recipes?  Sourdough rules in my kitchen lately.  All that trouble I had getting it established.  Now it’s doing so well I can’t seem to hurt it–not that I’m trying to–even after sitting on the counter all day waiting to be fed, after it’s […]

Ham, Cheese and Chive (Spelt) Scones

  Do you ever have one of those weeks that stand out as good eating weeks?  Last weekend was one of those for me.  Between meeting friends for dinner and spending time with my family I feasted for two days.  Actually, I’m still feasting from a care package that my parents sent home with me, […]

Chocolate-Coconut Scones

  I’m on a mission to try all the fitness classes at my neighborhood gym.  I signed up years ago to have a place to work out when bad weather wouldn’t permit me to run or ride my bike.  I’ve taken advantage of the swimming pool, the weight room and the cardio machines; I even […]

Pumpkin Cheddar Scones

  I can tell you all about my busy weekend and how fun it was not getting much work done.  How nice it was to spend Sunday cruising around the San Francisco Bay with good friends on their boat with front and center views of the America’s Cup World Series regatta and the Blue Angels […]

Cranberry-Cinnamon Scones

I have been trying not to look at the calendar too much.  When I do, it sticks its tongue out at me for having fallen behind so much.  I have two days to cross things off my holiday list–there’s still hope!  My husband and I are celebrating Christmas a bit differently this year so time […]

Vanilla Scones

  So far, so good.  We’re halfway into the first week of the new year and I’ve eaten a healthy breakfast for most of those days.  If I’ve never mentioned it here before, I’m not big on breakfast.  The only exceptions are when I’m on vacation (in which case I find myself craving it) and […]