Stir-Fried Sausage, Chickpeas and Red Rice

  You don’t realize how much you miss something until you remove it from your life.  In my case, I’ve decided to eliminate (or limit my consumption of) caffeine, chips, wine and sweets, at least for now.  We have a generally healthy diet around here but I do like a salty snack fix once in […]

Asparagus-Salmon Fried Rice

  If you read one of my recent posts about wishing for a simpler life, these pictures would illustrate perfectly what I envision doing were I to drop everything and move to the rural coast.  It had been a couple of months since my last visit to Pescadero so I tagged along with my husband when […]

Stir-Fried Eggplant with Sambal over Red Rice

  This is the kind of meal that I generally don’t even consider sharing here, not for its lack of merit but because I wonder if you would be interested in it at all.  But somehow when I do share a dish like this that takes mere minutes to put together, you seem to like […]

Poached Cod and Egg over Rice

  I looked forward to a few things in anticipation of vacationing in Maui over the holidays:  to being away from the day-to-day grind, to spending quality time with my husband, to swimming and lounging on the beach and…. …to eating a Japanese breakfast. I must have mentioned the last thing to my husband several […]

Shrimp Fried Rice

  I have been up for a couple of hours now and the sun has yet to rise.  I’m savoring the last few minutes of quiet time before my husband gets up and invites me for a walk down the beach to the local Starbucks two hotels over.  The last few days before Christmas were […]

Saffron Rice with Golden Raisins and Pine Nuts

  I’m very happy to share this post with you today.  My friend, Faith Gorsky, of An Edible Mosaic has just released her first cookbook :  An Edible Mosaic:  Middle Eastern Fare with Extraordinary Flair (Nov. 6, 2012, Tuttle Publishing).  This post is part of her official book launch party and we get to share […]

Red Rice with Roasted Squash, Fennel and Beets

  My husband has this silly notion that I need to eat meat every single day.  I don’t understand where he’s gotten this idea.  Yes, I like to eat meat.  No, I probably won’t ever become a vegetarian.  Each time he jests (not maliciously) about my carnivorous inclinations, I laugh (not sincerely).  I serve meat […]

Risotto with Saffron, Seafood and Peas

  I have always been a good eater.  My mother never had to worry about me cleaning my plate when I was a child.  Contrary to my youngest sister who had an aversion to cheese and whose favorite meal was a bowl of Froot Loops, I liked most everything…well, except vanilla ice cream.  I didn’t […]