Lemon Pound Cake

  Though my mom made it a point to serve us home-cooked meals while growing up, a few convenience foods ended up in her kitchen once in a while.  She was very flexible with snack items and allowed sodas and chips, the latter of which my younger sisters and I would sneak into each other’s […]

Blueberry Sour Cream Cake

  I think some blogs call this time of the week Wordless Wednesday.  As tempting as this idea may be after a long day like today, I can’t just give you a picture of this cake and leave it at that.  It was a surprise hit both at home and at the office.  The recipe […]

Chocolate Cake and a Contraption

Today, I present to you the four C’s…and I don’t mean to disappoint you but this has nothing to do with diamonds.  I have a cake, it’s chocolate with another key ingredient, coffee, and I used one of the best contraptions I’ve seen in a long time. First, the cake.  I’ve made this twice over […]