Summer Corn Salad


I declared this week Salad Week in my home.  I thought I would give the oven and stove a little break since the warmer days have been keeping afternoon/early-evening temperatures a bit high in my kitchen.  I’ve prepared enough of my favorite Caesar salad dressing to last several days which actually gets more flavorful with each passing day because of its generous ration of anchovies and garlic.  But I’ve left room for other types of salads.  I have been longing for the taste of summer after all.



During summer, one of my go-to salads highlights the sweet bounties of the season.  Fresh corn makes a regular appearance in our menu–sometimes grilled but mostly I just boil it for 5-6 minutes and enjoy it as is.  Most times I cook extra ears with this salad in mind, pairing the sweet kernels with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and bringing it all together with a garlicky balsamic vinaigrette.  It’s a no-fuss salad that rewards with ultra-fresh flavors that pop in your mouth.

I have decided to skip growing tomatoes this year–until I get a greenhouse I will continue to lose my battle with the tomato-loving deer.  I have accepted this. Thankfully, I live in California where fresh, high-quality produce is never hard to find.  But I will always grow herbs in my garden.  I have no basil yet so I couldn’t resist adding fresh mint this time since they have taken off in my yard.

When I long for summer flavors, this simple salad hits the spot every time.


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Summer Corn Salad
When I long for summer flavors, this simple corn salad hits the spot every time. Feel free to adjust all the proportions to your liking.
Recipe type: Salad
Serves: 2
  • 2 cups cooked corn, kernels removed from the cob (or 1 15 oz can fresh corn)
  • 1 handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
  • 1 small handful of fresh basil chiffonade
  • A few pieces fresh mint chiffonade (optional)
  • For the vinaigrette:
  • 1-2 cloves fresh garlic minced
  • 1-2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 3-4 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Prepare the vinaigrette by whisking all the ingredients together until emulsified. Add salt and pepper, to taste. Set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, add the corn kernels, tomatoes, basil and mint. Add just one or two tablespoons of the salad dressing at a time and toss gently.
  3. This salad is great chilled. If you do this, chill the corn and tomatoes and only add the basil and mint when you're ready to toss everything together.

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  1. This looks so refreshing!

  2. Jean, I love this kind of salad! Very colorful and I can imagine tasty as well. Perfect for hot summer days!

  3. Looks delicious, Jean! I make a very similar salad, adding green beans too. It never lasts long :).

  4. Looks great! We love corn salads and I do a few different variations. Such a taste treat in summer.

  5. Oh, so refreshing!

  6. Beautiful spring colors in these photos. I love the simple, whole ingredients here. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. This salad looks so fresh and crisp. I love no-fuss recipes. Looks delicious.

  8. I love this corn salad. Sounds like summer and no heating up the kitchen.

  9. Sadly the flavors and fruits of summer won’t reach us for a couple more months. I’m jealous that you have access to great produce year round. You don’t even want to see what is available here in the winter. Your salad looks incredibly healthy and summery. I love your green table too!

  10. Love corn salad! Beautiful salad that makes wonderful tasty use of our Summer produce. Also, love your color scheme with the green background, you’re doing beautiful things with your painted backgrounds Jean;-)

  11. What a great recipe, this looks super delicious! 🙂

  12. That’s a lovely green color you used on the backdrop!
    And the corn dish looks so light and flavorful. I would love to pair that with some baked fish for dinner.

  13. I am slowly adding to my list for dinners that require little or no cooking. This one is going on it. Looks delicious!

  14. I can’t wait for my cherry tomatoes and basil to come in, this salad will be made for sure!

  15. I could live off this magnificent salad!!! So darn delish! Pinned~

  16. Fresh and colorful! My kind of salad.

  17. I love this salad so much! I have been obsessed with corn salsas lately so this is totally up my alley! Pinned!

  18. Jean – this is my kind of salad too! Love the freshness and simplicity of it. Not too mention the flavor. I am excited to hear that you may get a greenhouse – how fun. You have a great backyard, unfortunately you just have to share it with your dear friends. 🙂 Love the green board and styling!!!

  19. I’m going to get corns in the morning and make this for dinner. My kids love corns and they can eat a lot. I am glad I didn’t use up all the basil and mint too. Looking forward to trying this! I have same deer problem and have a fake turf…. lol.

  20. A wonderful salad! So summery.



  21. This is one of my favorite salads during the summer. Can’t wait for our local corn to come to market.

  22. A simple dish that looks so good and i love the green wooden plank background. So Springlike.

  23. This looks wonderful, I love seeing all the different corn salads out there-thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. I love a good corn salad and this seems to be a great recipe. Congratulations on making top 9 today. 🙂

  25. You know, I LOVE corn (and so do my kids). But after reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, I got pretty freaked out with corn 🙁 I want to find non-GMO corn, but I don’t even know if there’s such a thing these days. But anyway, corn remains a personal fave, if only I can eat more of them freely!

  26. I love grilled sweet corn! My favorite thing to eat all summer long. And watermelon. And salads. Lots of salads! Like this colorful salad you kindly shared the recipe with us!
    I love garlic vinaigrette. Best salad dressing ever!

  27. Your photos are beautiful and this salad will definitely be a keeper. Thanks!

  28. Congrats on today’s Top 9, Jean! I’ve never made grilled corn salad at home, but I love to order it at a favorite restaurant near my parent’s home in LA. They use more greens as filler, but I always wish they would just give me more corn and leave the lettuce out. Your salad is exactly what I like! Have a great weekend!

  29. My daughter loves corn. I’ll have to give it a try. Congratulations on making the foodbuzz Top 9!

  30. I can’t wait to get out to Brentwood and swoop up some of the corn. I’m ready for summer and summer salad like this. Hope you have a relaxing weekend all lined up.

  31. Absolutely perfect!! I love summer salads, and corn salads were my obsession last simmer. The simplicity here makes this one a sure winner.
    I did put in a tomato plant this year though I haven’t in the past few. My husband made me a garden when we moved into the house some 14 years ago, but a few years ago the small palms surround it have grown so tall that they block out nearly all of the sun. Last year with our grey weather lasting for weeks my garden plans shriveled and mildewed. But I’m trying again! My plant so far looks beautiful and is producing flower.
    I’m with you on our luck of living in CA… my farmers markets are overflowing (or soon will be ) with heirloom tomatoes I could never grow. Bring on the summer!

  32. My favorite summer salad! Love the vibrant colors and crunchiness that fresh corn adds. I can’t wait for our tomatoes to come in and the gray mornings to be gone 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, Jean!

  33. I know what you mean! I have been craving salads all week long – meat has definitely taken a backseat for me. This is a wonderful, fresh, salad, Jean! I know C&C would love it, too 🙂

  34. Summer? Corn? Don’t say it is so… I am not ready. I still have not had fava beans this SPRING! GREG

  35. Such a lovely salad! I need to pick up some fresh corn on my next farmers market trip. Like you, I am forgoing tomatoes this year…mine culprit are snails and birds 🙁

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