Springtime in my Backyard


Don’t let the closed eyes fool you.

My yard has awakened from winter slumber and has fully embraced the arrival of spring.

My backyard is one of my favorite places to be.  I have my favorite spots, little nooks and corners that bring a smile to my face each time I walk by.

I long to live on the beach, where there is only sand separating the front door from the ocean, but until that time comes, I will enjoy the life that springs excitedly all around me especially this time of year.



The wisteria have awakened and in no time at all, the trellis will be dripping with purple blooms



There’s a new crop of fish in the pond, too.  Our koi have sadly gone to carp heaven but I think the goldfish will be happy here as soon as they get used to their surroundings.



The other side of the yard offers a more rustic kind of beauty.


The birds were camera shy today but this bird bath that sits right outside my kitchen window is much-loved by small and large birds alike.

It gives me joy to see that they seem so happy here.

The irises have all but taken over this part of the yard.  We started out with a few bulbs, given to us by friends and now they are everywhere.

I can hardly wait to see what other beautiful things come to life as spring progresses.





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  1. What a great post – the beauty of early spring is so fleeting and you captured it beautifully. Love your wisteria!

  2. What a beautiful yard you have!!! Somehow I thought you were in San Francisco, but that doesn’t look like city living to me. I grew up in San Rafael, just north of the bridge, and when I was little my mom stocked our pond with koi. She had some really really big fish, then one night a raccoon invaded the pond and ate every single one. She cried!! But the raccoon was very happy….

  3. I love your yard, what a serene and peaceful place!

  4. Just beautiful Jean!, I love all the flowers and other elements to your yard you captured them so well. I am with you so much on want my back yard to be sand that separates me from the beach, a true California girl living in the rural Arkansas.

  5. This is your garden? it looks more like a botanical park! I am literally green with envy (pun inteded!) – your garden is bee-yoo-tiful!

  6. wow…your backyard looks beautiful!

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