Fried Egg Tartine with Greens and Pesto Mayo

  Oh, leisurely weekend mornings!  How precious–and rare–they are!  I had barely cleared away the cobwebs in my head yesterday morning when my husband suggested that we take a day trip to Pismo Beach.  We have always wondered what the coastal town near San Luis Obispo is like and the fair weather gave us the […]

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Fig Butter and Arugula

  We’ve got rain.  Well, a little anyway.  We started out the season ahead of the numbers but Mother Nature rested on her laurels and fell behind.  It’s been such a dry season… So when the wind’s howling announced the rain’s arrival last night, my husband quickly prepared a fire as if to welcome a much-missed […]

Blueberry Breakfast Bars (No-Bake)

  If you’ve hung around me enough you will know that I’m never without a Clif bar.  In my purse, in the car and when we’re traveling, in my carry-on bag.  It is a habit I’ve picked up as a cyclist or more likely it’s as my husband says…I’m just “always hungry”.  Clif bars are […]

Homemade Almond Butter (and a Visit to Palm Springs, CA)

  My husband and I packed our bags for another short trip; this time our destination was Palm Springs.  Is it just me or has the city seen a revival since my last visit seven years ago?  Even on a Wednesday, Palm Canyon Drive was bustling with activity.  It was nice to see the palm […]

Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Oatmeal Muffins (Low-Fat)

  There has been a shortage of citrus posts here lately and I promise it hasn’t been intentional.  My Meyer lemon tree has generously provided for me again this year but it feels like I’ve been out of town more than home on weekends lately.  This is not a complaint; my husband and I decided […]

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Oat Muffins

  Are there foods you really like but don’t eat often enough?  Not because they’re hard to find or to make but because you don’t think of them?  It may seem silly to not enjoy something so accessible but there are a couple of items that fit into this category for me:  tuna salad sandwiches, […]

Chocolate-Coconut Scones

  I’m on a mission to try all the fitness classes at my neighborhood gym.  I signed up years ago to have a place to work out when bad weather wouldn’t permit me to run or ride my bike.  I’ve taken advantage of the swimming pool, the weight room and the cardio machines; I even […]

Poached Cod and Egg over Rice

  I looked forward to a few things in anticipation of vacationing in Maui over the holidays:  to being away from the day-to-day grind, to spending quality time with my husband, to swimming and lounging on the beach and…. …to eating a Japanese breakfast. I must have mentioned the last thing to my husband several […]