Huevos Rancheros…with a Twist

  It’s spring and cycling season is officially open–not that we cyclists here in northern California ever really take a hiatus.  This time of year just means less layers are required for a comfortable ride.  To the back of the closet go the rain jacket and the shoe covers, hooray!  At least the last couple […]

Spaghetti con Vongole

  When the weekend rolls around and I take my one or two days off from cooking, Italian food is usually the cuisine of choice for dining out.  This week, one of these days off came a little early because I didn’t have time to go the grocery store after work.  We visited our neighborhood […]

A Cast Iron Revival…or Is It?

So I’ve had a draft of this post waiting to be finished for sometime now.  I wanted to present a detailed account of cast iron cookware:  How did it get its start in the American kitchen?  What caused its wain in popularity and why (or is it) making a comeback?  I learned that China and […]

Wanderlust Strikes

  All the rain here in the SF Bay Area has dampened my attitude about spring…literally.  April showers?  More like April storms.  Mother Nature sure has a funny sense of humor. Since this damp, gray weather isn’t fostering much of a sunny attitude, I’m yearning to be on a beach somewhere–anywhere–to escape this gloomy atmosphere.  […]

Chocolate Cake and a Contraption

Today, I present to you the four C’s…and I don’t mean to disappoint you but this has nothing to do with diamonds.  I have a cake, it’s chocolate with another key ingredient, coffee, and I used one of the best contraptions I’ve seen in a long time. First, the cake.  I’ve made this twice over […]

My Favorite Ragù alla Bolognese

    Kitztbühel, Austria is a place I long to return to.  It’s a charming little town full of history and home to some pretty good skiing.  It’s also where we my husband and I were introduced to one of our favorite artists, Alfons Walde.  Walde studied painting in the early 2oth century and was […]


I used to make hummus quite a bit, but in the last few years, it has somehow slipped off my normal recipe rotation.  It’s easy to prepare, it’s healthy and it tastes good–what’s not to like? I found my hummus recipe on the good old web many years ago and after making it for the […]

Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce

I can eat pasta everyday of my life.  Light and healthy or rich and creamy, I’ll take it.  And I’ve done it, too, for three weeks at a time on our trips to Italy.  Lunch, dinner, maybe even breakfast if it were served then.  On the way home, vanity taps me on the shoulder and […]