Tofu Buddha Bowl with Ginger-Soy Dressing

Follow my blog with Bloglovin     My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary earlier this month with a visit to Carmel and Santa Barbara.  Since Carmel is a short drive for us, it makes for an ideal last-minute getaway.  Too ideal, in fact, that we seem to be making the drive once a […]

Rum and Citrus Chicken Kabobs with Stir-Fried Barley

  His story opened with a recounting of childhood stunts that landed him in the town’s police station more often than he can remember.  But his days of being a delinquent end abruptly, replaced by the promise of Olympic glory when he discovers a talent for running.  As a lieutenant in the US Army Air […]

Porcini, Cremini and Barley Soup

  My pantry is in desperate need of reorganizing.  I don’t even know all I have in it. Most likely I either have too much of what I’m trying to phase out or I’m low on my true staples.  I shouldn’t even be sharing this with you–how embarrassing.