Stuffed Butternut Squash

  By 11:30 last night the kitchen was back to pre-party condition, save for a packed refrigerator.  Even with my friends taking home some of the leftovers I won’t have need to cook for a week.  Did I mention I cooked my favorite bolognese ragú with 10 pounds of meat?  For 10 people?  My fear of […]

Red Rice with Roasted Squash, Fennel and Beets

  My husband has this silly notion that I need to eat meat every single day.  I don’t understand where he’s gotten this idea.  Yes, I like to eat meat.  No, I probably won’t ever become a vegetarian.  Each time he jests (not maliciously) about my carnivorous inclinations, I laugh (not sincerely).  I serve meat […]

Welcoming the Ski Season with a Vegetable Soup Trio

If you live on the Eastern Seaboard I’m guessing your cold, blustery holiday looked (and felt) something like the white out conditions I had to endure during a certain ski trip years ago.  I hope you managed to stay safe with family and friends and warm with a bit of egg nog, hot cocoa or […]