Orange-Cardamom Einkorn Madeleines

  For the past four days my husband and I have been fully engaged in the Christmas rush.  We’re still not even nearly done but we’re ticking items off the list, slowly.  The storm couldn’t keep my husband indoors.  I had planned two days of baking and online Christmas shopping while it poured outside, only […]

Citrus-Almond Olive Oil Cake

  I have decided that I will not be growing tomatoes again this year.  I never got around to planning for an enclosure that would protect the tomato plants from the resident deer.  The population seems to grow each year and somehow our yard has been chosen as the place to put down roots.  If […]

Honey Mango Madeleines: a Guest Post at a Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis

  I’m very happy to announce that today, I am a guest at one of my favorite blogs, A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis.  Chef Dennis and I started blogging at around the same time but I wouldn’t hesitate to say that in terms of popularity, he has eclipsed me by leaps and bounds.  Why? […]