Baked Spelt Empanadas (and Hello Again)

Spelt Empanadas @lemonsanchovies

  Where do I begin?  I hadn’t intended to be away so long, you see.   The last time I was here it was January, full of the promises each new year brings.  My husband and I had just returned from spending the holidays in Hawaii–inspired, recharged, renewed. But life has a way of pulling […]

Buffalo Roasted Chickpeas

Buffalo Roasted Chickpeas @lemonsanchovies

  Buffalo Wings:  one of my guilty pleasures.  If I should find myself at a bar and they’re on the menu, I’ll order them.  In reality, I don’t visit bars very often so I get to enjoy them maybe once every two years, if that.  I can eat an entire plate of the spicy wings […]

Chicken & Mushroom Empanadas {Baked}

Chicken & Mushroom Empanadas {Baked} | Lemons & Anchovies Blog

  I took some time off cooking and blogging last week.  I didn’t take a complete hiatus–between leisurely activities I cooked a dish or two.  I spent the day on the coast again last Thursday so I returned home with two bags of baby artichokes which lasted all of two days.  I have shared two […]

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus | Lemons & Anchovies Blog

  This is a far cry from the recipe I used for years.  I was so picky, you see.  My hummus had to have just the right amount of tahini paste–too much or too little, it wouldn’t be good enough for me.  I was also somewhat of a hummus purist.  For me, there was no […]

Kettle Corn with a Kick

Kettle Corn

  There was a time when a small section of my kitchen wall, about 4 ft x 1.5 ft, was decorated with mementos of our movie dates.  Because my husband and I are incapable of remembering 90% of the movies we’ve seen, even minutes after walking out of the theater, we decided that taping the […]