Bourbon Maple Toasted Pistachios

  This past weekend’s storm let up long enough to allow for a pleasant drive up to San Francisco.  ‘Tis the season for holiday parties and Christmas shopping and for making sure we get to see our friends before the December calendar gets too full.  We met good friends at Marlowe Saturday night, one of […]

Pistachio Gelato

  My travel companions and I had finally made it three quarters of the way around Sardinia, having started in Alghero on the northwest and choosing a counterclockwise route around the island.  Our two-week trip would end on the north in Costa Smeralda but we had one more stop before reaching the high-end resort town. […]

Homemade Pistachio Paste

  Just in case you didn’t know, pistachio paste is hard to find.  Sure you can order it online (and it can cost you a pretty penny) but when you’re determined to make something in the kitchen, having to wait days for a key ingredient to be delivered to your door just won’t do. The […]