Apple-Pecan Quinoa Muffins

  I am in love…but my husband need not be concerned.  There is no love triangle that would threaten to take me away from him; in fact, he’s been quite happy with my newfound adoration…for quinoa. In the past, this South American seed (considered to be an ancient grain) would be served in my kitchen […]

Pistachio Gelato

  My travel companions and I had finally made it three quarters of the way around Sardinia, having started in Alghero on the northwest and choosing a counterclockwise route around the island.  Our two-week trip would end on the north in Costa Smeralda but we had one more stop before reaching the high-end resort town. […]

Homemade Pistachio Paste

  Just in case you didn’t know, pistachio paste is hard to find.  Sure you can order it online (and it can cost you a pretty penny) but when you’re determined to make something in the kitchen, having to wait days for a key ingredient to be delivered to your door just won’t do. The […]

Arugula Salad with Apricot-Mint Vinaigrette

  Time flies when you’re having fun… …and also when you’re just plain busy.  Where have the days gone?  There’s been greater demand for my time at work recently, leaving not much motivation to work on a blog post in the evening.  I’ve been squeezing in the bike rides and runs, too, so blogging has […]

Spicy Honey Roasted Almonds

  As a bachelor, my husband’s go-to meal was tacos.  Filled with simple ingredients like gruyere cheese, rice and/or beans, sprouts, mushrooms and avocado, it was an easy meal he prepared and prepared quite often.  Evening telephone conversations while we were dating would inevitably lead to a question about dinner (well, I did the asking) […]

Coconut-Almond Torte

  When work makes no demands on my time, Thursdays end up being my free days.  Not free in the sense that I have no responsibilities.  Rather, they are spent on chores that have accumulated during the week, exercise that has been neglected and of course, cooking.  But my time is my own and I […]

Chocolate-Dipped Pistachio-Almond Biscotti – A Guest Post for Kitchen Confidante

  When you are invited to celebrate Friendsgiving by a blogger whose work is a constant inspiration, there is only one reply: a resounding yes.  After all, one of the greatest benefits of having started Lemons and Anchovies is the amount of friends I have made who share my love for food.  Liren of Kitchen […]

Walnut Bars and a (Not So) Fairy Tale

  There once was a girl with a food blog.  Her name was Jean and oh, how she loved it so!  Cooking, photographing and writing were pure delight day in and day out.  She often daydreamed about food and was happily preoccupied about expanding her cooking repertoire.  Taste was her favorite of all the senses.  […]