Apricot-Raspberry Bars

  After five days of being home jet lag’s grip is finally weakening.  I consider it a success to have resisted going to bed at 6 pm but rather, making it until 8 pm and not getting up until 6:30 this morning.  As much as I missed cooking it took the better part of the […]

Apricot Frozen Yogurt: Guest Post for Dinners Dishes and Desserts

  As I type, I am sipping my morning tea and enjoying unobstructed views of Mt. Baldy in Sun Valley, Idaho.  The quaint little town is slowly waking up–locals and visitors alike are dressed in trek or fishing gear.  First on the agenda for some of us was to line up at the local coffee […]

Arugula Salad with Apricot-Mint Vinaigrette

  Time flies when you’re having fun… …and also when you’re just plain busy.  Where have the days gone?  There’s been greater demand for my time at work recently, leaving not much motivation to work on a blog post in the evening.  I’ve been squeezing in the bike rides and runs, too, so blogging has […]