Olive Oil Cake with Sautéed Apples & Pears

Olive Oil Cake with Sautéed Apples & Pears @lemonsanchovies

  My bedroom in my childhood San Francisco home was situated in front of the house.  My middle sister and I shared an adjoining bathroom while my youngest sister’s bedroom was on the opposite end, next to my parents’ bedroom.  It was not uncommon when I was in junior high school to see kids sitting […]

Benoîtons with Chocolate Chips

Benoitons with Chocolate Chips (French Rye Rolls)

  On the day of our departure from France my husband and I rose early.  Already on “home” mode, we packed the night before and, after a light breakfast, went about tidying up the apartment we rented during the last half of our vacation (more on this in an upcoming post).  It had been a […]

Espresso Bourbon Brownies with Toblerone Chunks

Espresso Bourbon Brownies with Toblerone Chunks

  For a household that relies almost exclusively on wine for libation, we have a liquor cabinet that is filled to capacity.  Rum, brandy, vodka, whiskey and a variety of liqueurs–all opened, in varying degrees of almost-full.  What is the shelf life of alcohol anyway?  Opened bottles of wine certainly never last long around here […]

Sangria Pops

Sangria Pops | http://lemonsandanchovies.com

  Today is the five-week anniversary of my husband’s cycling accident.  He’s come a long way from being able to walk only a few steps at a time to walking a couple of miles with me.  Last week we set a goal for him to be able to walk six miles by the end of […]

Cantaloupe Popsicles

Cantaloupe Popsicles | http://lemonsandanchovies.com

  After a few unusually wet days here in northern California summer has returned.  You’ve heard me blah, blah, blah about what a dry winter season we had this year so I won’t drone on.  I will say, though, that I didn’t mind the dampness and overcast skies at all.  I made a big pot […]