Cheddar & Fennel Seed Crackers

Cheddar and Fennel Seed Crackers | @lemonsanchovies

  Life is finally returning to normal after vacation.  The work week came and went, the bills that piled up in the mail have been paid, the jet lag is gone and I’m back in the kitchen.  When I left in late August summer was in full swing but it was fall that greeted me […]

Artichoke, Cheddar, Chipotle Spread

Artichoke, Cheddar, Chipotle Spread | @lemonsanchovies

  Nature called during the night sometime last week.  It’s not surprising considering I usually drink a full glass of milk or seltzer water before bed, you know, to wash down that little piece (or two) of chocolate that I just have to have .  I got up, reluctant to hit the pause button on […]

Cheese Sablés with Pine Nuts

Cheese Sablés with Pine Nuts-3

  What’s your favorite part of the week?  When I was a child I lived for Saturday mornings.  It meant sleeping in past 6:30 am and watching at least an hour (or two) of cartoons and old movies before my parents called my sisters and me to the kitchen for breakfast.  We each had our […]

Cheddar, Feta and Caramelized Shallot Crackers

Cheddar, Feta and Caramelized Shallot Crackers-2

  My birthday celebration in Napa Valley last week started with a minor problem before we even drove off our driveway.  My husband packed up our bikes hoping that we’d be able to get in a ride or two while in wine country.  It was our first time lowering the rear seat backs in our […]

Pear, Prosciutto and Truffled Brie Tart

Pear, Prosciutto and Truffled Brie Tart-2

  I bought a few Anjou pears with the intention of recreating a tart I enjoyed (a little too much) in France this past September.  That tart didn’t happen this weekend–I decided to make it my feature recipe for when I finally share the highlights of my Europe trip.  Several weeks have passed since our […]